Manufacturing & Light Industry

Meklek installs, services, and repairs the specialised equipment used in manufacturing processes, using skilled and experienced electricians, with, where applicable, the HACCP knowledge  and experience for food industry work.
Wherever possible Meklek utilise industrialised computing equipment from leading manufacturers to automate and innovate the processes involved, striving to achiever best practice at all times.

Knowing how expensive disruption is, Meklek plans and organises the work to minimise and reduce disruptive practises, and enhance the end result. We apply maintenance efficiency processes strive for maximum energy efficiency, both in design, and in our maintenance operations. 

Reliability and longevity is critical, and we work closely with the suppliers of the most suitable equipment to ensure that we deliver a finished product with the lowest possible “Total cost of ownership”.

Years of experience are incorporated into our work to ensure that there are no unplanned disruptions to supply, regardless of the work involved.

Many of our clients work 24 hours and utilise our 24 hour availability to maintain production.