Heavy Industry, Mining, Tunnelling

Meklek installs, overhauls, services, and repairs a wide range of heavy industrial equipment from wharf cranes through to serious tunnelling machines, using skilled and experienced electricians.

The machine room on a wharf crane requires about 400m2, the size of a small house.  With a range of voltages in use, and heavy current applications this is not a place for beginners.  The team of industrial electricians at Meklek have been involved in this work for many years and have all the industrial electrical skills to handle the work, often carried out under serious time pressure.

Wharf cranes requires trailing leads and wharf plugs, which alone are serious maintenance items.  Again industrial electrical experience and electrical maintenance expertise is available to make every job reasonably commonplace.
Being in an industrial environment does not mean that we forget about the need for efficiency lighting design. We apply maintenance efficiency protocols as well as energy efficiency and eco lighting principles to our work, both in design, and in our maintenance operations.  Regardless of the lighting use and location, street lighting, high towers, lighting poles or wall mounted tunnel lights, we apply long term cost and efficiency principles before proceeding.  Whilst solar and LED lighting are currently popular news, we consider all types of lighting to satisfy our high design principles.

In a tunnelling environment the conditions are harsh taking a toll on all of the equipment, which is of course critical….no power …no work.  Many years of experience in mining across the world aids Dave and his band of skilled technicians to ensure that there are no unplanned disruptions to supply, regardless of the degree of industrial automation and the like involved.

Many of our clients work 24 hours and utilise our 24 hour availability to maintain production.