Facilities Management

We are serious participants in the facilities management industry, providing these services to our clients on a large ongoing scale. 

We operate state of the art software which tracks the maintenance cost to an individual asset level, and provides all the required compliance reporting from the electronic reporting received from the field.  Once programmed our Asset management software programs all facets of the work to ensure total compliance and satisfaction.

Our staff are in close touch with the requirements of each contract via the electronic tablets which they utilise to carry out their work.  The tablets read the asset barcode numbers of the equipment and record the work done, spares utilised, and cost of each operation.  We manage our safety plans, scheduling and reporting in real time from these devices, directly from the field operators.

Of course having a sophisticated system is only the start, and we are well aware of the need for skills and experience in our field operators…our commercial and industrial electricians.  Regular safety and technical training are the key to ensuring that our clients are as well protected as is possible.   We were one of the first companies to utilise compliance with the industry standard, award winning “SafetyConnect” system, and have since upgraded our efforts to ensure total safety for both our staff, and our clients, now, and ongoing.

Our capabilities in the energy efficiency sector are held in high regard, and we ensure that our clients are warned and advised as appropriate.  Eco efficiency, LED, and other such beneficial commercial products are considered, based on the long term cost of ownership of the individual asset.