We at Meklek maintain some large property portfolios for, in most cases, Blue Chip commercial clients.

We accept a level of involvement, responsibility and risk that our client is comfortable with, and work closely to ensure that maintenance costs are controlled, and the value of the property maintained. Not all commercial electricians in Brisbane are able to recommend the best “total cost of ownership” solution, but we specialise in it.

We are truly conscious of the rapidly escalating “total cost of ownership”driven by energy and material price increases.  At all times we ensure that our client receives the best possible advice on future control and management of costs.
Particularly in respect to commercial lighting we advise on the purchase and running costs, the relationship to other costs such as air conditioning, and the CRI, which properly utilised can at little cost improve the colour quality of the lit area.  When selling furnishings and fruit for instance, reliable long lasting sound colour rendition plays a big part in the selection process.

Within these contracts, many of which are long term, we carry out all of the usual range of work.

  • Supply and installation of new electrical equipment
  • Supply and installation of data cabling and telecommunications equipment
  • Routine testing and maintenance of fire evacuation systems
  • Compliance work including test & tag, safety switch operational and injection testing
  • Generator testing, fuel and oil quality checks and automatic changeover operations
  • Maintenance of hard copy or electronic log books
  • Forward operating costs reports and projections
  • Thermographic surveys and analysis of fixed, moving and rotating equipment
  • Regular checking and repairs to Lightning protection systems, and the like